UWT partners with Tacoma Community College, Children’s Museum and United Way to provide child care services

By Kristin Dellavecchio

Parents studying at UW Tacoma will likely have more childcare options in the near future. UWT, Tacoma Community College (TCC), The Children’s Museum, and United Way (who leased their building to the Children’s Museum)  are joining in partnership to supply college students who are parents with childcare.  

TCC Childcare will be located on the bottom floor of the  Children’s Museum at 15th Street and  Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma, which is fairly close to UWT.  TCC Childcare will be replacing a previous daycare, so the building will only have to undergo minor remodeling.  The childcare will be funded by parents who utilize the services as well as by UWT.  If further renovations are needed, they will be paid for by UWT as well.  TCC Childcare is expected to be complete fall of 2014.  

The University of Washington is also offering parents with Childcare Assistance Program (CAP). CAP is available to the first forty students who apply now, and/or every quarter.  The online application for CAP can be found on the university’s website.  If a parent intends to place his or her child or children in childcare full-time, they may be eligible to be awarded a maximum amount of six hundred dollars.  For parents who intend to have their child or children in childcare part-time, they may be eligible to be awarded a maximum of four hundred dollars.  

Senator Chantell Munoz, who was voted as serving on the childcare committee on September 11, 2013, says, “This is a great opportunity for parents.  It’s reliable, affordable, and it’s an environment students, and parents are familiar with, and therefore can trust.”  

UW Tacoma, as well as committee members, are continuing to diligently work on this project provided for parents at the university.  Meetings are being arranged to ensure that the expected deadline may be met.