Basketball Association Founded at University of Washington Tacoma

A new club on campus, the Basketball Association (BA), is recruiting members and will transition into an official team on February 5th.

The brand new group, which is the first basketball club on campus, was created with the goals of “promoting basketball for UW Tacoma and to promote sports,” said club president Joshua Seals. The team, who will become the Tacoma Huskies, will begin competing in the South Puget Sound league.

With 15 current members, the BA is “in the process of being a club sports team,” said Seals. The first steps include obtaining a place to play the game, finding funding, and becoming sanctioned as an official sports team. Other than the induction into the South Puget Sound league, the BA recently formed a partnership with the local YMCA, which will allow them to play at their facility.

Unlike other universities and community colleges in the area, UW Tacoma has no sports team, something that Seals had desired to change, and hoped that the BA would be the “breakthrough to organizing an actual basketball team for UW Tacoma.”

Seals of the BA is confident that their efforts will result in “an advanced level team” that properly “represents our school.”As far as members, the BA has been “scouting out talent in the last several months” and is looking for
“players who are really dedicated to the game with good talents and elite skills.”

Tryouts for the team end on January 29th. For more information, the BA has a Dawgden page, and can be contacted via  “My goal [was] to have a team this year. I know it’s a process.” said Seals of the obstacles the club faced as far as becoming an official sports team.

Right now, the BA is looking for “more serious minded players to play the game and represent UW Tacoma.”


Photo by Leah Folden.