Campus Life

ASUWT Update

With fall quarter winding down, ASUWT is looking ahead toward the next one, as well as reflecting back on the successes and pitfalls of the last few months.

As for this quarter, they had some accomplishments to remember. “We’re super proud that we got 350 voter registrations,” said Tyler Bjork, ASUWT Senator. “It’s really great because we beat UW Seattle and UW Bothell in the highest voter registration percentages.”

Some goals were met for ASUWT, although some were not. According to Senator Bjork, “one resolution we had that came out was to promote sustainable water bottles and the reusing of them. Although unsuccessful, our resolution to promote Prop 1 is something we’re very proud of because we came together to support it as a team.”

As for the future, ASUWT is planning a town hall style meeting in the second week of the quarter, with further details pending.

Currently, they are working with complications regarding the MAT’s Dawg House Café. Located in an area designated for student space, the café should be working under a Memorandum of Understanding. This is a signed agreement between the Student Center Planning Committee and ASUWT, administration, and the owners of the Dawg House Café.

This agreement hasn’t been signed, and ASUWT claims that based on student feedback on the café’s unsatisfying food options and prices, it shouldn’t be finalized without revision. The official student government stance is: “We appreciate the efforts of administration, students, and the operators of the Dawg House Café to provide a food option within a quick timeframe. However, we believe that the current operations are deficient in terms of meeting our strategic goals of providing food options that appeal to student interests distinct from West Coast Grocery that are also affordable.”

For more information or to voice your opinions to student government, visit the ASUWT office in the MAT building.