Lumpia World a UWT Regular

The mobile kitchen Lumpia World will be a regular on the UW Tacoma campus until at least March, visiting on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:30am-2:30pm. Located near 17th St. between the Dougan and Joy buildings, and offering a menu of “Japanese Island Filipino Fusion,” many students have already had a taste of the food truck’s specialties.

“The prices are good,” says Jamika Morrow, whose first time eating on campus was at Lumpia World. “I eat this kind of food at least twice a month, so hopefully it tastes great too.”

“Finally, lumpia!” exclaims Kevin Smyre, barley leaving the kitchen’s pick up window before opening his to go box. “Lumpia World can stick around. For the price, it’s good stuff.”

The menu consists of traditional lumpia with a variety of meat and rice options, and according to the owners, business has been “phenomenal” on campus. “We’ve really had a great showing,” says Derek Ellis, who co-owns the mobile restaurant with wife Eleanor. “We serve about 110 tickets each day.”

Originally attempting to find a spot to serve on the UW Seattle campus, Lumpia World was approached by UW Tacoma’s Ben Mauk after being named one of Seattle’s best food trucks of this year by the Seattle Met magazine and being honored at the Tacoma Farmer’s Market. The mobile kitchen travels around Seattle the rest of the week, but wouldn’t mind upping the time window at UW Tacoma.

“We’d love to be permanent here, we just appreciate this opportunity.” Derek went on the offer the mobile kitchen for catering student organizations and club events. “We’re having the best time here, we’re always busy.”

Besides drawings, giveaways, and a punch-card where a customer gets a tenth meal free after nine, Lumpia World will be offering exclusive deals to diligent students. “We want to promote good study habits while we’re here, and will give out special deals to A and B students come finals.”