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UWT 101: your guide to our unique campus

So it’s your first day, congratulations and salutations. Needless to say, you stopped by campus the day before to map out where exactly your classes will be, right? Well, this is for those of you who didn’t. Relax. Professors don’t usually drop you from the class on the first day. Here are a few noteworthy places on campus that you should probably stop by on your way to being late for your first class. Welcome to University of Washingon – Tacoma.


One of your most important decisions here at UWT will be where you will be receiving your caffeine. Metro Coffee, located right on the iconic UWT steps, sports vintage bicycles hanging on the walls with an equally quirky staff. The walls are decorated with local art as well as bulletin boards galore. If you want to get connected with the Downtown Tacoma scene, this is a good start.

Anthem Coffee & Tea is a larger space and features a haberdasher aesthetic with friendly rockabilly baristos. It’s usually pretty quiet as a lot of people figure since it’s connected to the History Musuem that it’s a gift shop. It’s not a gift shop. They sell wine, beer, and some of the best coffee this side of the Mississippi! Open mics occur here quite regularly.


This can be called a student center of sorts. Cafeteria seating makes this a popular study spot, and the free pool tables and new ping pong table certainly don’t hurt. Coco Bob’s sandwich shop used to be here, but is now replaced with a West Coast Grocery Annex. Also, you will find financial aid in this building. Ask for Bruce; as he’s the man. Associated students of the University of Washington Tacoma also known as ASUWT student government also resides here, and The Ledger newsroom, where we do our best to represent your interests, so do bring your soap box


Pacific hosts a wide array of food choices from your staple Subway to Burritos to Gyros to the higher end South East Asian eatery, Indochine. If you’re of age, The Harmon has a great happy hour menu with $6 nachos that come in one size: Obnoxiously big. If you’ve a more antiquated eye, you may want to trek up the stairs to the renowned Swiss bar which is the epidemi of a super-pub.


Here is where the mighty vitamin D deficient Washingtonian goes to soak up some sun. It’s also a great place to people watch as there’s a few eccentric locals and you’ll find that the most fashionable and avant garde students on campus actually go to the School of the Arts.