Genetically modified organisms

The practice by so many of our elected representatives of putting powerful global corporations’ profits over and above the interests of our citizens has become so common it is no longer news. With continuing wars-of-choice, indefinite imprisonment without trial, torture, tax cuts for the wealthy and so many more examples of our USA “electeds” not displaying much regard for what We The People want, why care about a seemingly minor problem within our food supply? After clean air and clean water, access to uncontaminated food is absolutely essential for living well.

Why should we be concerned about only trace amounts of contaminants entering our bodies? Even very small amounts of certain substances can have large impacts inside of us and perhaps even within our species. Consider the earlier age of puberty’s onset for US girls since the 1960s. Are traces of hormone-mimicking chemicals found in our food, water or air the cause of this “minor alteration” of our species? Shouldn’t we be concerned about the human health problems associated with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as uncovered by qualified independent researchers such as kidney, liver, reproductive and obesity complications?

Currently, genetically-altered food products are being fed to us without our knowledge. Nearly every processed food source on or near UWT’s campus contains them.

The same corporations which claimed that DDT and Agent Orange were safe are now spending many millions of dollars in a fight to continue to deny our citizens the right to know what is in our food. It is widely known that petroleumbased fertilizers are used extensively in agriculture and that “traces” of pesticide, insecticide and herbicide contamination often remain in our food. Gene splicing can never be washed away.

Products containing corn or soy likely contain GMOs because an estimated 85% of all corn grown in the USA is now GM corn (aka Genetically Engineered or GE corn) and about 90% of the soy has been genetically modified. Keeping secret the potentially harmful ingredients removes all of the coveted freedom of choice which buyers participating in free markets are supposed to be continually exercising.

The European Union, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and Russia require labeling for GMO food products, other nations ban them outright. Recent studies indicate that about 90% of US citizens want GMO food products labeled as such. Washington voters are being asked to sign on to the campaign

to get I-522 on the ballot in 2013. See: http://www. labelitwa.org/about/

Using the produce industry’s own four and five-digit code stickers, savvy citizens can decipher their meaning. Four digits indicate that the produce was grown conventionally, five-digit codes that begin with a nine indicate organically grown produce while five-digit codes that begin with an eight contain GMOs.

Your silence is interpreted as your agreement. Click to verify the facts, another click can send your thoughts on the subject to Washington DC. For further investigation see: http://www.nationofchange.org/genetic-engineers-explainwhy- ge-food-dangerous-1340544600