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ASUWT update

Associated Students of UWT

(ASUWT) is preparing for an event filled, student oriented fall quarter. Providing services and advocating for students has always been a goal, and according to Senator Michael Lockwood, this year the team hopes to “build and bring a sense of community to campus.” ASUWT is working on online feedback and concern forms through Catalyst for students to address issues and provide suggestions. Information on when these will become available will be provided soon. With the addition of V.P. Nauman Mumtaz, who has served four full terms for ASUWT, the group has a full team with many events on the way to promote student advocacy.

There will be voter registration tables around campus for the first three weeks of classes Monday through Thursday from 9:30am – 4:30pm. ASUWT hopes to register 400 voters, and empower students through voting and communicating with Olympia.

“Hot Dogs with Top Dawgs” will be held on September 25th in the Commerce Plaza from 12 – 1:30pm. The Chancellor along with members of the administration will be serving hot dogs to students. The event is meant to be an opportunity for students to meet and communicate with those working on campus.

“Stop By, Say Hi” is a chance for students to visit the ASUWT office and meet members of student government and learn about the services they provide. This will be October 1st – 4th in MAT 107.

“Rock the Vote” on October 4th hopes to educate students about the running mates in local elections and promote voter registration. The Transportation Fair on October 8th in the WPH Bldg. will be a time for students to learn about public transportation passes and options.

Also, open public forums will be chances for students to learn about ASUWT as an organization and help discover ways it can better serve students. These will be in the WPH Bldg. from October 22nd – 23rd.

Anyone wanting to know more about what ASUWT provides or has planned can visit their office in MAT 107 for more information.