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The Tacoma Ledger is the school newspaper with high readership. Every week we like to place new advertisements for different businesses as a way of generating more revenue for the business and the newspaper.

Why advertise with The Ledger?

This last year has encouraged us to reinvigorate the ways in which we distribute our campus leading newspaper. We have launched an online version of our campus wide weekly newsletter which gets emailed to thousands of students every Monday. We have also restructured our pricing and advertising model to reduce the cost of an advertisement for the remainder of this year.


Offer: Size: Cost

Digital Small Only: Quarter: $50.00

Digital Banner Only: Full Width: $85.00

Print Issue Only: Quarter-Page: $65.00

Print Issue Only: Half-Page: $90.00

Print/Digital Package: Small (1/4 Digital & 1/4 Print): $110.00

Print/Digital Package: Medium (Full Width Digital & 1/2 Page Print): $130.00

Custom Advertisement Designed by The Tacoma Ledger: $40.00/design

For more information please email the Advertising Manager at

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