About Us

The Ledger is the independent weekly collegiate newspaper of The University of Washington Tacoma. All content is generated by Ledger employed student journalists currently enrolled at UWT. The Ledger strives to adhere to student interests. UWT Administration, student organizations, and students and clubs exercise no editorial control over the publication. Funding is provided through UWT Services and Activities Fees, and is supplemented with advertising revenues.

Editor-in-Chief: Ella Lucente (ledger@uw.edu)

Managing Editor: Alyssandra Goss (ledger@uw.edu)

Advertising Manager: Elijah Freeman (adledger@uw.edu)

Adviser: Daniel Nash (nashd@uw.edu)


News Editor

Mitchell Fermo


Madeline Hiller

Andrea Nadal

Lore Zent


Opinion Editor

Meghan Rand

Opinion columnists

Bengisu Cicek

Nicolas Luna

Arts and Entertainment

A&E Editor

Talia Collett

A&E Reporters

Andrew Brown (Film Critic)

Madi Williams


Brooks Moeller

Page/Advertising Design

Layout Manager

Natalie Peyton

Page Designers

Marie Morgans

Phong Nguyen

Maya Thomas


Nickolus Patraszewski


Bruno Marquez


Mitchell Fermo

Web and Social Media

Maya Thomas