Following an offseason that led Wilson to question if he will continue to play, he decided it was time to call it quits.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his future with the team has been in question throughout the offseason. However, his recent announcement has put all the rumors to rest. Now we know for sure what Wilson will be suiting up for next season: Hollywood.

Wilson announced in an Instagram post that he would be hanging up his cleats and beginning to pursue an acting career. This comes as a massive surprise to the Seahawks coaching staff and fans everywhere as many thought they would see Wilson in a Seahawks uniform for years to come.

Even with this early retirement, Wilson solidified himself as the greatest quarterback in Seahawks history. He already holds career records among Seahawks quarterbacks in wins, passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Following the post, Wilson and the Seahawks hosted a press conference where he went into more detail about his decision making process.

“I had a tremendous time here in Seattle and playing football for the Seahawks,” Wilson said, “But it’s time for me to pursue new and exciting opportunities in the world of Hollywood acting. I have always looked up to the ones who were able to become stars in two different worlds, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has always been someone I looked up to, and directed me while I made this decision as well.”

‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has always been someone I looked up to, and directed me while I made this decision as well.’

Russell Wilson on his inspiration for pursuing a hollywood career

Wilson also made note of movies that he will be working on in the next couple of years including “Space Jam: Bugs goes to the Super Bowl” and a franchise reboot of “Rambo” where Wilson will play the main role.

There were rumors throughout the offseason regarding Wilson being traded for a large haul of draft picks and starting caliber players. However, with Wilson retiring, the Seahawks are now left without their starting quarterback and no draft picks to make up for it. 

Moving forward, the Seahawks will have to search for a new starting quarterback for the first time since 2012. Wilson started every game for the Seahawks in that timespan, making it a very hard role to replace. However, Pete Carroll brought up a name that was surprising to most fans when mentioned. 

“I’ve talked with former New York Jet quarterback Mark Sanchez on coming out of retirement and taking over the reigns of starting quarterback for this team,” Carroll said in the press conference, “He was one of my favorite players and quarterbacks to coach during my time at USC and he is ready to make a difference on this team.”

Sanchez is best known for the infamous “butt fumble” in his time with the Jets, where he ran into the behind of an offensive lineman and fumbled the ball to the opposing team. Fans are understandably upset with this idea and the team is likely to be at the bottom of the NFC West for the long-term. 

It is unknown whether Wilson has had any experience in acting, leading some to believe this could end up as a complete disaster. I always saw him with a future in broadcasting but acting in Hollywood movies never came to mind. In the end, I wish Wilson the best with his future endeavors. 

DISCLAIMER: Don’t worry Seahawk fans! This story is false, and Russell Wilson will still be suiting up on Sundays for the Hawks. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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