UWT Missed Connections



Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, some students feel like they missed their opportunity for romance. Three students share their stories and hope for a second chance.


More Than Just Chemistry | Boy to girl

“She is in my Chemistry 151 class, she is so mysterious. I have talked to her before but only in passing. I feel like she is so smart and I’m just so intimidated by her. I try to ask around about her but nobody seems to know her name. She is so beautiful though, whenever I see her I always think about what my brother told me. He said women are dragons and men are lions. Women are mysterious and smart and they are always guarding their treasure, and men are like lions, we are quiet at first but when we make our move we don’t care who sees.”

Crush on the Tutor | Boy to girl

“Every time I’m in the TLC, I see her. She is like the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I think she is from Russia because I know she has an accent. I have never been able to work up the courage to talk to her though. Sometimes when I’m studying I casually look over and our eyes meet and I wonder if she is thinking the same thing. I just don’t know if I’m allowed to ask her out since she works as a tutor! If I could say anything to her I would say, ‘you are beautiful and you make me want to learn Russian.’”

Lost Love at UWT’s Winter Ball | Girl to boy

“I had so much fun that night, the dance was a blast! One thing though was that there was this guy there that really knew how to dance. I was by myself and he just came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. Of course I said yes because he was super cute. We danced for like three or four songs then everyone started doing this weird dance train and we joined in. Then everyone broke off and the dance ended. I looked around but I could not find him. Plus he was wearing a mask and I only saw his face for a little while. If I could say anything to him I would say, ‘why did you leave so soon?’”

Meant to Be | Boy to girl

“I just met this completely amazing girl in my class a few weeks ago.  I talked to her and I instantly felt a huge connection. Not just a normal one, but a crazy perfect connection. I think she felt it too. Every time I see her in class now she smiles at me and it is the most heart stopping, gorgeous thing I have ever seen. She is the most fit, cute, absolutely beautiful native girl I have ever had the pleasure to meet. If I could say anything to her I would say, ‘I hope you read this because I totally want to take you on a date!’”

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