A United Campus Giving to Those in Need

For the second year the Student Activities Board (SAB) will be organizing the University of Washington Tacoma GIVES (short for Gives, Includes, and Values Every Student) Program, giving back to student parents on campus.

Just last year, SAB collaborated with Volunteer Services to organize the annual event together. Advisors from the two organizations began by switching the programs title from Bringing Blue to UWT to UWT Gives Program, to better identify its purpose.

In addition to the name modification made, the organization had also advanced their advertising by creating flyers this year. The organization has posted on social media-Facebook, Instagram, etc. – to create awareness to student parents on campus about the annual program.



SAB Family Programs Coordinator, Anna Huynh, who is responsible for planning family events for students and families, explained how the program was established and its purpose.

“We realize that during the holidays there are families out there with financial burden, and so we want to help ease that burden. At first we looked at how we wanted to give back to our community during the season. So, we were looking at different organizations that we could give back to, but then we realized that there’s a community closer to our home, and that’s our UWT community. We then created the program for student parents, giving back to that community on campus during the holiday.”

The student parent must fit the following requirements in order to apply for the holiday program: be a current UW Tacoma student taking a minimum of six credits; have a family with one or more children; and receive financial aid through UW Tacoma. If the student parent fits the requirements for eligibility they can apply.

The application process, which has been recently adjusted from paper to an online application, begins the last week of Oct. and ends Nov. 10 every year. The sponsoring of the families, lasting anywhere from a month and a half to two months, provides student parents with gifts to their family during the holiday.

Local Service Coordinator, Schynequa Mathis, prepares displays so that students, faculty and staff can donate gifts to UWT families. The displays and holiday cookie tins can be found in the Dawg House, West Coast Grocery, and the second floor on Doughan.

“Programs such as this, are what makes UWT great. UW Tacoma is about more than just attending a college but it’s about being a part of a community and helping each other when needed,” said Mathis.

To get the family sponsored, Program Support Supervisor of Student Engagement, Laura Mochinski, Mathis and Huynh, reach out to various departments on the UWT campus inquiring about their interest in sponsoring UWT families to assist those families in need. Currently, the sponsors are in the process of getting gifts for the families and gathering those gifts for the final day of the program, December 12. December 15- 19 the families will be able to collect the donations for the holiday.


Anna Huynh (left)- SAB family program coordinator & Schynequa Mathis (right)- local service coordinator. Photo By Allison Pham

Anna Huynh (left)- SAB family program coordinator & Schynequa Mathis (right)- local service coordinator.
Photo By Allison Pham

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