Tahoma West Lives On

After an 87 percent budget cut, Tahoma West is determined to make this year a catalyst for a united UWT student body by cultivating a platform that encourages creative works of art.

The Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC) voted to cut Tahoma West budget by 100 percent last year. After submitting an appeal, shedding light on the historical significance of the 18-year-old publication and the countless testimonies from the student body, the SAFC approved a budget of 5000 dollars and let Tahoma West keep their surplus.

“The biggest realization was that this campus and the administration didn’t understand the effect that Tahoma West has on campus,” said Editor-in-Chief Nicole McCarthy.

With such a drastic financial alteration the publication is forced to cut all pay to its employees, with the exception of the Editor-in-Chief, making it strictly volunteer based, while also cutting down on the number of events that are put on.

“We are going to have to get creative,” McCarthy said. “We will be giving Tahoma West a facelift.”

With a desire to grow and support the arts community as a whole at UWT, Tahoma West is looking to be more of a platform for the visual and theater arts. By creating “pop-up” stations around campus that would display student art year around and by working closely with administration and faculty, Tahoma West hopes to create a more rounded organization.

“I imagine that some of the things that we will be implementing this year will be huge five years down the road for the arts department,” McCarthy said.

According to McCarthy, in years past, Tahoma West has felt disjointed from the other student organizations since they had a very individualized image that they catered only to artsy students rather than being all-inclusive.

“I want to collaborate and I want all the organizations to feel connected like we are all on the same page,” McCarthy said. “It didn’t feel like that last year.”

In hopes of creating a more united front, Tahoma West’s first event will be a poetry night with the Student Activity Board (SAB) on the evening of October 16th at the Court 17 terrace.

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