Tahoma West Book Release

This academic year’s issue of UWT’s literary journal, Tahoma West, will be launched on Friday, May 27th, before Memorial Day Weekend.

To celebrate the book, there will be a launch party in the Jane Russell Com­mons room from 6-8 pm. According to Tahoma West’s Nonfiction Editor, Ipek Saday, “Everyone is welcome to attend. There’s also going to be about eight of the published authors reading a section of their published piece.” Saday de­scribes the event as a “social gathering to celebrate the authors.” Along with this, attendees can enjoy free food and drinks while they listen to some great pieces and view the selected artwork, as well as receive a free copy of the 2015-2016 issue of Tahoma West to take home.

The literary journal features a sur­plus of work students submit from all areas of campus. With over 50 submis­sions, Tahoma West features poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art.

Starting in 1996, Tahoma West has won many awards that celebrate the skills of UWT students. In 2001 and 2002, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs granted Tahoma West a National Program Directors’ Prize for Undergraduate Literary Mag­azines. According to the official Tahoma West site, they are “dedicated to devel­oping and promoting the arts at UWT by providing a way for students, fac­ulty, alumni, and staff to publish their work.”

Saday heard about Tahoma West through the former Editor-in-Chief, UWT student Sabrina Burns. “I didn’t even know it existed until I knew her, but it completely fell into my lap sum­mer of 2015,” she says. Saday’s favorite thing about working at Tahoma West is the connections she has made. “I’ve used that connection to reach out to people from classes and who they rec­ommend to us,” she says. “The most rewarding part is finding out you’re surrounded by quiet geniuses.”

For students interested in submit­ting their work for the next issue of Tahoma West, they can be turned in at tahomaw@uw.edu. Submissions may include poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and visual art. The official Tahoma West site states they accept “any thought ex­pressed in a creative, unique, specific, and purposeful way.” For more informa­tion on the guidelines for specific sub­missions, visit tahomawest.org/submit.

For students interested in joining the Tahoma West staff, they are cur­rently hiring. According to Saday, they will be starting interviews very soon. “Pretty much every position is open next year,” she says. “Internships are unpaid but it gives students an oppor­tunity to see what the journal is like.” Those interested must submit two writ­ing examples as well as a resume.

For students wanting to get into contact with Tahoma West in general, Saday says that the easiest way to do so is through their Facebook page titled “Tahoma West.” Having a literary arts book published on campus gives stu­dents an opportunity to express their creativity.

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