Study abroad takes the extra step

The new Office of Global Affairs has come with new additions to the process of studying abroad.

The new program includes a new ses­sion, known as session 101, which teach­es students how to prepare for a study abroad trip.

Study Abroad manager Courtney Kroll said the session not only allows students to plan their trip, but also allows them to work with former study abroad students.

“The Study Abroad 101 Info Session is an hour-long introduction to study abroad. Topics covered include: what study abroad is, study abroad program options, the application process, study abroad funding and scholarships, and next steps. The session also gives students time to reflect upon and discuss their study abroad goals and any challenges they face while preparing to study abroad. During the session students also have the opportunity to interact with a study abroad alum and ask them questions about their experiences abroad”

Although this session is a new addi­tion to the process of study abroad, it is not mandatory. But the program recom­mends attending the meetings to gain more knowledge on the university’s pro­grams.

After attending the information ses­sion, students can then make an appoint­ment with study abroad manager Court­ney Kroll or with one of the Global Affairs Fellows.

“The session is actually not manda­tory, but it is highly recommended. The Office of Global Affairs believes that in order to best prepare students for their study abroad experience, they must start with a basic understanding of study abroad. The Study Abroad 101 Info Ses­sion gives students that understanding. The info session also gives students some time to think through the study abroad application process and prepare answers for application questions.”

With the study abroad departures just around the corner, this session is recommended for students to attend to gain information about their soon to come trip. However, since this is offered during different times and days for stu­dents to attend, some might not be able to make it. For that reason, there is an online session that could be found at the UW Tacoma Study Abroad homepage and is 15 minutes long.


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