Students are Hitting the Gridiron and the Nets

The University of Washington Tacoma Fitness Program has provides several intramural sports including flag football and volleyball.

Flag football is played every Tuesday from 9 p.m.-12:00am. midnight. [this is late at night?] The games are being played at the Pacific Sports Center located at 2645 South 80th St.,Tacoma, WA 98409.

All students, faculty or and staff can participate, however players may only play for one team.

Each team member is responsible for checking in with the JD Terry, the Intramural Sports

Coordinator, and must show his or her current UWT ID before being allowed to play. Games will be 7 on 7 with a maximum of thirteen players on each team.

A legal game consist of two twenty-minute halves with the clock stopping the last two minutes of the second half and for all timeouts. Teams receive three one-minute timeouts per game.

Half time is about five minutes long. If the score is tied after the two halves, overtime is played.

The number of students for volleyball is a little different than football. Former recreations coordinator Michael Crook had this to say, “Volleyball is 9 on 9 most nights, depending on attendance.”

The games are being played at the Old Grey Middle School located on at 6229 S. Tyler St., Tacoma, WA 98409.

Generally, all other intramural sports are open to any enrolled students and staff at UWT too as well.  Playing experience is not needed in order to be involved.

Josh Larson, one student who attends volleyball weekly, said, “I enjoy the diversity in skill levels intramural volleyball offers. As a lifelong athlete, I love competing, which this offers.”

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