Student Involvement gets upgrade

A new model for UW Tacoma’s Center for Student Involvement awaits implementation.

The Center manages organizations such as the University Y student cen­ter, publications such as The Ledger and Tahoma West, and The Center for Service and Leadership and Student Engagement Administration.

The Center looks to add a full-time student media specialist, replacing a part-time position that currently sits empty, and adding a director to over­see the entire organization.

ASUWT was not asked for input to the current model for student in­volvement, but were presented the information in a senate and a board meeting in January of 2017. According to ASUWT President Berkan Koro­glu, both he and others have reserva­tions about the model.

“Some of the questions we asked were unanswered,” he said.

“[And] even though this model is being used by a lot different universi­ties, that does not mean it will be beneficial to our organizational struc­ture.”

The proposed new model will have an administrator at the head of the student led publications of The Ledger and the Tahoma West Literary Arts Magazine. The model needs final bud­get approval before hiring begins. The new fiscal year starts on July 1 and the Center aims at implementing these changes then.

“The word administrator gets con­fused,” said Assistant Director Eliza­beth Hansen. She said that they “hope to give more of a voice to the students.” Hansen currently fills the vacant ad­ministrative positions.

Hansen also explained that these changes are taking effect to further support students. When filling the roles, UW Tacoma hopes to hear stu­dent voices and aims to hire those who support the goals of the student body.


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