Stewie and Brian: Family Guy’s Most Popular Duo


With Seth MacFarlane being the writer and voice of  Stewie and Brian, he gives both strange yet funny personalities that are unlike any baby or dog you have ever seen on TV.

Stewie is a representative of the helplessness of an infant through the eyes of an adult. He is known as an intelligent evil mastermind that is far more superior than any other toddler. He is violent, seeks world domination and to kill his mother Lois.

An example of Stewie’s diabolical ways is when Brian forgets to pay back Stewie on time and his first response is to throw a glass of orange juice in his face. This is followed by punching, kicking, putting his head in a toilet bowl, and Stewie continually saying, “Where’s my money man?” This blood bath scene shows Stewie’s evil passion for torture in the 2000s.

As the years have gone on, writers have transitioned from emphasizing Stewie as a supervillain to creating more gags hinting that Stewie could be gay. An example is when Brian’s girlfriend leaves him and while the room is pitch dark, Stewie says to Brian, “To get back at her you should have sex with the first person you see. No matter who it is.” Then he turns on the light while he is in Brian’s face smiling.

Seth told Playboy, “Ultimately, Stewie will be gay or very unhappy repressed heterosexual. It also explains why he’s so hell-bent on killing his mother, Lois taking over the world: he has a lot of aggression, which comes from confusion and uncertainty about his orientation.”

Some critics believe that Stewie has changed for the better because it would have become dull if he continued to be an evil mastermind. While others miss his diabolical ways. Stewie and Brian’s love-hate relationship dynamic allows the writers to do a lot with their personalities.

Seth lets out his liberal views through a dog. Brian is a Democrat, atheist, and is sarcastic just like Seth. Brian is a struggling writer, attempting to write essays, novels, screenplays and newspaper articles.

Brian’s reputation as an intellectual booze hound helps him stand out as a thriving character. An example of Brian’s old charismatic ways is when he was concerned about a Walmart-type superstore moving into the community. He is liberal, but not self involved. He is always smart and use to be the source of common sense of the Griffins, but has now become more self-centered with his political views.

An example of this transition is when Brian gets pot legalized through a musical number. Then later on in the episode, Lois’s dad Carter bribes Brian to support his cause for making pot illegal by publishing his novel, Faster Than the Speed of Love and putting an Oprah sticker on it. Brian agrees and pot is illegal once more. This shows that Brian is willing to flip-flop his views for his own benefit. Brian’s political views have divided Family Guy fans down the middle; some see him as a leftist idealist while others see him as a “liberal douche.”

Even though Stewie and Brian continue to change, Family Guy will remain a satire comedy that has random cutaway humor and features the dysfunctional Griffin family.


Image courtesy of Fox Television Animation

Image courtesy of Fox Television Animation

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