Scare You Silly: Best of the Worst Horror Movies

The Leprechaun series features Warwick Davis as an evil leprechaun, so unless you find the Lucky Charms mascot to be terrifying, these movies are unlikely to scare you. All of the Leprechaun movies are bad, so why pick this one out of the bunch? I can’t say it’s the most ridiculous in a series which includes Leprechaun 4: In Space and not one, but two movies in “Tha Hood,” but it is the funniest. It follows the titular Leprechaun trying to claim his bride, which he can rightfully do if she sneezes three times and no one says “God bless you”—yes, really—and only gets weirder from there. You can watch it as a stand alone movie or in a marathon with the rest of the Leprechaun series to get additional laughs—not only from the movies themselves, but the way continuity changes with each movie. Want to hurt or kill an evil Leprechaun? You’ll be confused, as it changes from movie to movie, though I’ll say this—leprechauns are surprisingly explosive.

Five people are trapped in an elevator. One of them is the devil. The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Do I need to say more? Devil is supposed to be a suspenseful horror movie, but with the devil revealed to be the villain in the title, it quickly becomes more silly than scary. It’s (hopefully) the only movie you’ll ever see where toast dropping jelly-side down is seen as an omen of great evil, rather than an unfortunate accident. When you can’t make the devil himself scary, you’ve failed at making a movie, but fortunately for the viewers, Devil fails spectacularly and uproariously.

The Wishmaster series features a djinn—basically an evil genie—who grants wishes, but in a way that nearly always kills the person making the wish. It’s a decent concept for a horror franchise played out with mostly forgettable results. Until Wishmaster 4. In Wishmaster 4, the djinn is released by a girl named Lisa and must grant her three wishes in order to unleash his fellow djinn on the world. As not to raise suspicion, the djinn disguises himself as one of Lisa’s friends, which causes her to make the one wish he can’t instantly fulfill—the wish to love him as he really is. With that wish, the movie becomes amazing, with the villain trying vainly to make Lisa fall in love with him. It’s nothing like you would expect from a horror movie; it’s ridiculous and hilarious.

This is it, the absolute worst horror movie you could possibly imagine. It’s a sequel that can’t even get the type of monsters right, featuring goblins rather than trolls. The costumes are cheap, you could find better actors by randomly picking people out of a crowd, and the story—ridiculous doesn’t even begin to cover it. A family travels to a town called Nilbog for vacation, but their dead grandpa is against the idea, as Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards and the town is their realm. Also, the goblins are vegetarian, which logically means that they turn people into strange plant hybrids to eat them. Somehow, all these elements combine to make one of the most side-splitting movies you’ll ever see. It’s even spawned a highly rated documentary, Best Worst Movie, which is also worth a watch, if only to try and explain the madness.

Illustration by Anna Fern

Illustration by Anna Fern

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