It’s Root, Root, Root For The Rainiers!

Baseball season is well into full swing, and while Washington State may not be bleeding Mariner enthusiasm compared to football season, baseball is still America’s favorite pastime. Warm spring nights with friends and family beckon hardcore and lukewarm fans alike.

Considerall the costs included in going to a Mariner’s game at Safeco Field: there’s driving, tickets, parking, and food. A night of Mariner’s baseball can really add up. So the question should be asked:Why break the bank when you can save and stay local?

Founded in 1957, The Rainiers are Tacoma’s minor league baseball team, located at Cheney Stadium. Cheney Stadium recently underwent remodeling a little over three years ago, and is known for “every seat in the house being a great one.”

When considering the pros of staying local for a baseball game keep in mind these digits:

-A Rainier’s single game ticket costs anywhere from $13 to $25, while a Mariner’s single game ticket costs anywhere from $11 to $310, with the majority of the seats ranging from $17-$60.

-Cheney Stadium is 2.9 miles away from UWT and only a 9-minute drive compared to the 32.4-mile 44-minute drive Safeco Field is from UWT.

-Parking cost $5 at Cheney Stadium on game day, while the Safeco Field parking garage can be anywhere from $20-$40.

-Yelp gives Cheney Stadium 4 out of 5 stars with reviews raving of its newly-renovated amenities, intimate feel, great field views, and overall fun environment.

Daniel S. of Gig Harbor gave the stadium 5 out of 5 stars expressing that, “Going to a Rainier’s game on a Saturday evening is a quintessential American experience. Decent seats (and there are no bad seats) only cost about $10, parking is cheap, and most nights you can get pretty cheap hot dogs and beers.”

Roger I. of Tacoma gave the stadium 5 out 5 stars, raving, “Cheney is an up-close-to-the-field experience.  I MUCH prefer this intimate setting to Safeco.”

When asked about her experience at a Rainiers game, Katie Krempl, a psychology major at UWT, replied, “That’s the fifth time this week someone has asked me about the Rainiers. I’m actually going for the first time this weekend, I’ll let you know.”

There’s a lot of time left in the season to head to the ballpark! Rainier home games go through the month of August and there are many ticket promotions that can be found at the Tacoma Rainier’s website. Cheney Stadium is located at 2502 S Tyler St., Tacoma, WA 98405. Play ball!

Photo by Andy Cox.

Photo by Andy Cox.

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