Prowlers at Court 17 Prompt Students to Take Appropriate Safety Measures

The word ‘prowl’ elicits images of shadowy figures and predators/prey, which is exactly why it’s such a  perfect word to describe crime. On April 10, 2014 at 3:45pm, campus security received a report of a prowler at the Court 17 apartment complex parking garage. The prowler found what they were looking for in a vehicle with a radar detector attached to the windshield. A quick smash and grab later, and the student was left with shattered glass littering the seat of their car and one missing high tech item.

Just what does the perfect target look like? According to the campus security website, students should always lock their vehicles, not leave valuables visible from outside their vehicles, and lock items in the truck or remove them  prior to their arrival.

Anyone who leaves high-value personal items such as said radar detector, GPS units, cell phones, laptops, etc. in the open, easily viewed through the window, not to mention those that leave windows open and/or doors unlocked, may invite criminals to their vehicle. Avoid becoming a victim by either keeping your high-value belongings on your person or out of sight. Always lock your car and keep windows rolled up.

As the weather becomes nicer, it may be tempting to leave windows cracked, but students should value security over creature comforts. Campus security offers the idea to “view each item as though it were the pile of money it would take to replace it. Would you leave $1,000 cash on the front seat of your car? If not, then why would you leave an item worth $1,000 there?”


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