How MMA Changed One Man’s Life

As Tacoma’s local MMA community continues to expand, its positive impact continues to spread.  One local fighter, Kryshaun Turchiano, details his experience with MMA and how it has transformed his life.

“I love what MMA represents. Believe it or not it’s not about the violence; it’s about the art form.”

One major change he’s seen in himself is that he has become much more humbled by the experience.  He also reports that he has become much more relaxed and content within his own life.  “Training in the martial arts gives me a sense of tranquility and peace.”

Becoming a father at such a young age is what gave him the initial motivation to not only succeed for himself, but to become a positive role model for his daughter.  He states that if it were not for MMA, he wouldn’t have nearly the amount of persistence, determination and focus that he enjoys today.

Turchiano’s mother is credited with his initial start in martial arts.  She first got him involved in taekwondo at an early age.  Since then, Turchiano has become trained in five disciplines: muay thai, jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling and taekwondo.  At just the young age of 21, Turchiano has managed to stay undefeated during his career as an MMA fighter.

Turchiano makes it a point to explain that practicing MMA isn’t just a physical workout; it’s a mental workout as well.  As he recounts his childhood years, he states that he used to get into a lot of fights during his adolescence.  Now that he is an experienced MMA fighter, he no longer gets into street fights.

Another student at South Sound Martial Arts, Nicole Crisostomo, accounts for her positive experience with muay thai in particular:  “What is muay thai to me? It is not only the best workout I have ever had, but it is also about discipline and respect.”  She further elaborates that, “discipline and respect are like muscles; you need to use them to strengthen them.”

Speaking of discipline, Turchiano’s training involves rigorous workouts to keep him in top-notch shape for his fights.  He trains at South Sound Martial Arts 6-7 days a week for two to three hours per day.  In addition, he lifts weights at his local gym for about two and a half hours.  He also has a punching bag that he practices with on a daily basis.

Turchiano’s future aspirations are just as impressive; he plans on becoming a professional muay thai fighter in the next year and a half.  In addition, he’s working on becoming a full-blown professional MMA fighter by the time he’s 26.

One way residents can support local fighters like Turchiano is by attending martial arts competitions. For more information, contact South Sound Martial Arts at (253) 655-7292.

Photo courtesy of Scott Hirano. Kryshaun Turchiano is undefeated in his career as an MMA fighter.

Photo courtesy of Scott Hirano. Kryshaun Turchiano is undefeated in his career as an MMA fighter.

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