iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Revealed

The history of technology changed once again as Apple introduced not only the next generation of iPhones, but an entirely new device as well during the Apple keynote, broadcasted live from Cupertino Tuesday, Sept. 9th, at 10 a.m. PDT.

As spectators had predicted, Apple, who presented what they call the ‘Apple Watch’ toward the end of the keynote, has officially reinvented the antiquated timepiece. Although it may slightly resemble an iPhone in appearance, the newly created operating system, Watch OS, will give the device a unique feel. So as not to obstruct the view of the clock face, a digital crown has been placed just to the right, keeping the classic watch style intact. Created with crystal and sapphire glass (which is second strongest to diamond) the customizable timepiece should be near indestructible.

The watch interface is easy to use (according to AP Technology Writer Anick Jesdanun’s review for ABC News) and simply enhances the usage of the iPhone—which is important, as the watch will only be available to iPhone users.

It also has impressive tap and press features that will allow a new level of interacting with the device, made possible through the Taptic Engine embedded in the Apple Watch. With four sapphire lenses located on the back of the device, users will be able to send and receive ‘taps’ from others, as well as sense someone’s heartbeat, or be notified of incoming messages by sensing a touch.

The device comes in three different models – the Apple Watch (stainless steel), Sport (aluminum) and the Edition (18-Karat gold)—with a starting price of $349, and has six different bands available to make it even more customizable. The device will not be for sale until early 2015 however, just missing the holidays.

While the Apple Watch entertained for a good portion of the keynote, the newest iPhone models were equally as impressive. Starting Sept. 19th, the iPhone 6, with a 4.7-inch retina HD display, and the iPhone 6 Plus, with a 5.5-inch retina HD display, will be available for purchase online and in stores. The iPhone 6 will be starting at $199 for 16 GB’s of storage, followed by $299 for 64 GB’s and $399 for a whopping 128 GB’s of storage. The iPhone 6 Plus keeps the same tier of storage, with only a $100 increase in cost. Each model comes in a choice of  three colors: space gray, silver, or gold.

The design for this new generation of iPhones is almost a tribute to the earlier models; instead of the defined edges like the two previous phones, they are rounded like those of the first iPhone or the 3 G model.

For the first time ever with an iPhone, the 6 and 6 Plus both have a barometer in the M8 processor that can track not only steps and distance, but also elevation. Also, the phones will be enabled to make calls over a wifi network when connected, making cell reception less of a priority.

Over the past few years Apple has made some great technological advancements, which have now led to the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Their “relentless optimism” (as Apple’s advertisements call it) continues to push them into uncharted territories, reinforcing the slogan that introduced the keynote: “Different is one thing about us that will always be the same.”

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