Julianna Siemssen

About Julianna Siemssen

Julianna Siemssen is an undergraduate at UWT majoring in writing studies. Julianna enjoys coffee, interpersonal drama, and implementing the gay agenda to bring about world destruction.

ion: Repeal the Espionage Act

  In 1918, Eugene V. Debs, a labor ac­tivist and former presidential candi­date, spoke to a group of socialists at a picnic in Canton, Ohio, a town about an hour south of Cleveland. “I realize t...

Opinion: Calm down about Russia

Recently, allegations concerning President Donald Trump have made headlines. In particular, the allegation that the president hired sex workers to urinate on a bed former President Obama once slept i...

Opinion: Facebook shouldn’t flag fake news

The real news has been talking about “fake news” for a while now. As science writer Brooke Borel points out on FiveThirtyEight, “We’ve used this phrase so many times in the past two months that it’s ...