Academic Assistance: The Hidden Treasure of UW Tacoma


As a student returning to college after 11 years, I have certainly discovered how challenging it can be trying to keep up with the fast pace of a renowned university. But I haven’t had to “go-it” alone. Since the first day of class, my professors have been sure to inform students of the many academic assistance options right here on campus, offered at no cost.

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), which is located on the second floor of the library, is probably the most well known among the many options. There are people there just waiting to help you with even your most difficult of homework. They are very qualified, patient, and enthusiastic about your success. And I have to tell you that I have seen several professors in the TLC, like Dr. Peter Selkin and Dr. Margaret Henderson, to name a couple, surrounded by a group of their students helping each and every one. This is above and beyond their office hours.

The professors at UWT are very generous with their time. They are always reminding us that they have office hours available for one-on-one assistance with any class material. They all post hours, make special appointments in an attempt to accommodate those whose class schedule conflicts, and are even kind enough to take the occasional drop-in, when their schedule permits.

Now, this is where UWT deviates from a lot of other universities; this is what makes UWT such an amazing campus to attend college. There is more! UWT has some collaborative learning classes that are unique. They are offered in chemistry and precalculus, which are two classes where the material is very dense and fast-paced. These classes are led by upperclassmen who spend a lot of time consulting with the instructors and creating exercises to reinforce and delve deeper into the subjects.

Other opportunities include weekly workshops in many of the subjects. These are offered at various times to accommodate busy students. Workshops are taught by members of the TLC and are held right in the TLC classrooms. They review the material you have been covering, go over study guides for test preparation, help prepare you for those daunting lab write-ups, get you up to date on software like Excel, and much more.

So here is why I say that they are untold treasures: I have attended all of the above resources at one time or another this quarter, and I was surprised to see so little attendance. There is still room in the collaborative learning classes.

And the workshops? I have been the only student in a couple of those and it was great for me. There was more one-on-one help, but I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, “Do the rest of the students know about this?”

There is no reason that any student should go home frustrated when so many people are just waiting to help them succeed. Doing well in your classes, you say? Well there are many exciting seminars in all subjects to embellish your classroom learning with amazing enrichment. Check with your professors for scheduled seminars and ENJOY!


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