10 Ways to Save Money at UWT

1) Don’t Waste Money on Parking

Many new students at UWT quickly become overwhelmed by the parking situation. Most take the easy route and pay for parking close to their classes. However, this can add up quickly. If you spend only three dollars a day on parking that can amount to $60 a month!

A cheaper solution may be to park for free, but when doing so be sure to park in safe areas around campus such as the alleyway just above the campus YMCA. Another solution is to park on Fawcett just above Jefferson Avenue.

Susan Golden, a UWT security representative, explained a few ways to park safely at UWT. She told us that it is important to park in well lit areas and to leave nothing in your car before class.

2) Bring Your Lunch Box

Eating out can really put a damper on your wallet, so it’s important to prepare meals! According to boundless.org, the average college student eats fast food more than four `times a week. This averages to $80.00 a month. Eating out adds up and gets quite expensive. Often times that pretty penny spent monthly goes unnoticed.

This doesn’t mean you should never go out to eat. There are a few smart options around campus. The Rock on Jefferson offers buffet prices at 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on Fridays. Also, the Harmon on Pacific Ave offers a $5 lunch menu for UWT students!

3) Participate in School Activities

This doesn’t seem like something that would save you much money, but all students are forced to pay a $180 Student Y Center fee, $159 services and activity fees, a $40 technology fees, and an optional $45 UPASS fee, so why not benefit from them? ASUWT hosts a wide variety of events that offer free merchandise such as T-Shirts, water bottles, etc. The Y Student Center located on 1710 Market St. also hosts events that are easy for students to attend! Civic Engagement Specialist, Paul Prociv, shared with the Ledger the various events for students that are approaching soon, such as the New Student Orientation that are held September 22nd and 23rd for Freshman, and September 21st, 24th, and 25th for transfer students. The university will also be hosting Welcome Day, Tuesday, September 1st at 8 am to Monday, October 12th at 9 am.

4) Don’t Spend Money on A Tutor

Classes can be overwhelming at times and it may seem like you need a tutor just to help you through! Some students pay tutors by the hour. This can raise a hefty bill, depending on how much your tutor charges. The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers free help for students.

Between the hours of 9 am – 6 pm, Monday through Thursday and Fridays, 9 am – 3 pm the TLC is open. Students can schedule an appointment on the TLC’s website. Chelsea Vitone, a writing tutor with the TLC and former news editor for the Ledger, explained that it is extremely helpful to use to resources at the TLC because you are already paying for them! Tutors are available for drop in from midnight to 1 pm.

5) Save on Transportation

Out of the three UW branches Tacoma and Bothell are mainly commuter campuses. As a result transportation is vital. Tacoma offers many options for public transportation. With the average gas price in Western Washington hovering around, it may be a good idea to find a bus route near you or carpool with your classmates. Downtown Tacoma also has a trolley system that ferries people to UWT and various other stops.

6) Buy a Coffee Pot

This may seem trivial, yet according to collegeboard.com the average student pays more than $100 a month on coffee. If you’re to believe stereotypes about Washingtonians, we may spend even more. That harmless $5 charge at Starbucks or Anthem over the days can really add up!

7) Buy Textbooks Used

Everyone knows textbooks are overpriced, but that doesn’t mean we are always stuck with that high price. In many classes you can even buy the previous edition of the textbook and save about $100 on each. The only disadvantage is that your edition won’t always have the exact same page numbering system as the class edition. You may have to do some more page flipping, but well worth it! Students can purchase book used for a cheaper price at the bookstore, or go online and shop on Amazon or Ebay.

8) Use Your Student Benefits

Learning how to say “Do you have a student discount?” can save you a lot of money! Restaurants like the Harmon and others have student menus. Movie theaters and fairs often have student discounts as well. Some banks even have student specific accounts and options available.

9) Create a Budget

This one is huge. Having a budget can guide you through many important financial decisions during your college career. It can save you hundreds on groceries and entertainment. It can also, keep you honest to your financial goals.

10) Find an On Campus Job

In addition to gaining some work experience, you will also raise some spending money! UWT offers a wide variety of student positions, many of them pay quite well. Lab technician, librarian’s assistant, desk help, and even writing positions at the Ledger or Tahoma West are a great way to bolster your paycheck! You can find help getting any of these jobs at the UWT Career Development Center.


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